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I wanted to address YOU, the people, on a personal level so I can convey to everyone how important this song is to me. This song was inspired by my best friend that I grew up with. He passed away due to a drug overdose and in consideration of the family, I will not be putting his name up to maintain the privacy of the matter. At the time of his death, I was incarcerated, and unfortunately I was never able to grieve with the people I love because of my separation from society, I wrote a song as a tribute to my friend. The pain I felt when I heard this news was something I couldn't articulate into I had to articulate it into the music. My greatest hope is for YOU, to listen, relate and connect with me on a human level, where my pain can be felt and understood. Most of all, maybe you too have lost a loved one due to a similar situation. If I could at least help one person grieve the loss of someone through the power of music, I can feel fulfilled as an artist.